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Getting the Attention of Convention Runners: For New Writers

Something that is important to new writers is getting publicity and selling books. A good way to do that is to attend conventions and do readings or book signings.

Readings are usually set in a quiet corner of the convention and are a half hour in length. Be prepared to have copies of your book, or the publications your writing has appeared in. For someone just starting out, it might be a good idea to try to pair yourself with another writer or group of writers who write in the same genre.

Programming is your friend, they have hours to fill. Always write first to the programming email with a short list of what and where you have published. Ask friends to post to the conventions blog or facebook page asking if they are having you attend. If you have a presence on social media mention the convention.

It also helps if you do publicity for yourself. Handing out bookmarks or business cards with information about your story or novel is a great way to build up buzz before you publish. I would suggest going to the free book table and slide your advertising into the free books, but, if you get caught, you did not hear it from me! 🙂

With any luck, you will be invited to do more than just a reading!

We hope to see you at a convention soon.


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