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What If Someone Is Mean to Me In A Review?

Some people are just asshats and demonstrate the communications skills of drunken owls — and they like getting a rise out of the authors they target.

I decided it’s not worth it to engage them — and neither should you. It never ends well.

The flame wars I’ve seen on others’ author book listings have given me a horrible example to avoid, if that makes sense.

Goodreads is the worst for that sort of shit. They are also owned by Amazon, and you know how demonstrably unconcerned they are about harassment of authors.

One asshole one-starred all of my books within minutes of one another, without leaving anything even vaguely resembling a review. Meanwhile, they are, apparently enormous fans of Ligotti and have 5-starred all his HIS books.

I’m assuming the one-star wonder has been offended at something I’ve said on social media and responded in the most juvenile fashion possible.

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